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While choosing their Baby Gifts, whether it is a baby cloths, baby toys, or baby accessories, Baby Shower guests should consider couple of things:

• First of all, if the couple going to have their first baby, you might want to get something practical as your newborn present.

• Are they expecting a boy or a girl? That might help you to make the right choice.

• You might ask the future parents or the Baby Shower host whether the couple has special registry. If yes, you can choose something from their gift registry.

• You should also try to select a baby girl or a baby boy gift that can be returned if the future parents want to get a different size or colour.

• If you decide buying baby clothes, always remember that babies grow sooo quickly. Don't buy anything smaller than 000. New parents will appreciate baby clothes in bigger sizes that can be used a little bit later. But also don’t forget to consider what the season will be when the baby reaches the size you're buying.

If you need a little inspiration for Baby Gifts, look no further. Below are some ideas of baby gear and baby products that might help you to make up your mind.

• Baby sleeping bags

The right sleeping bag can become an excellent baby present for the blissful night’s sleep that every exhausted babies, mums and dads deserve.

• Bouncy seat

This Baby Shower Gift will keep a newborn and his or her parents happy. In the bouncy seat the baby can wiggle and laugh to his heart's content, and the new parents can have a cup of well deserved tea or doing their chores knowing their bundle of joy is safe and entertained. Some bouncy seat models are battery powered for a rhythmic and more soothing bounce. This baby present will be much appreciated not only by the baby but by his parents as well.

• Baby monitor

If you choose to buy a baby monitor as a newborn gift you can be reassured that the nervous first-time mothers and dads will appreciate the reassuring presence of a portable baby monitor receiver on their bedside table. They're particularly comforting for parents whose baby is sleeping in another room. Nowadays these devices have become more and more sophisticated — some models can pick up a baby's faintest breaths, some models also include motion sensors that sound an alarm if the baby hasn't moved in a certain period time, and video monitors, which let parents see as well as hear their baby.

• Baby furniture and baby bedding

You may also consider buying a safe, stylish high chair, nursery décor, pastel sheets covered in teddy bears, lambs or ducks. An extra bedding set will be a perfect addition to any nursery, and soft fuzzy throws will help keep the baby warm. And you can be sure that any new mum will be grateful to have extra linens when the laundry day comes!

• Baby sling or front carrier

So, you decided to choose a sling or a baby carrier as your perfect baby gift. The baby will love the feeling of being snuggled up close to a parent's warmth, and the simple design will leave mum's arms free to do housework or do shopping while her little one sits protected in a sling or a carrier. This baby present will become one of the handiest things for a new mother to carry her baby around.

• Activity gym

Portable and lightweight, activity gym is a perfect baby gift as you can make babies’ world even more fascinating. Normally gyms include a cloth mat and toys suspended from soft bars or arches, colourful mirrors, noisemakers, and other objects of different shapes, sizes, and colours dangle within the baby's grasp, encouraging his developing eyesight and growing physical skills. What a lovely present will it be!

• Baby gift basket with bath kit and accessories

For a gift that's both fun and practical, choose a baby bath and fill it with all the baby essentials a new mother will need to keep her child squeaky clean. Be sure to include baby shampoo, a mild soap, a soft washcloth (or sponge) and hooded towel, and a bright yellow rubber ducky for some fun. A baby comb and brush are nice additions, as are a couple of simple bath toys, even though infants won't be able to really play with them for several more months.

• Baby hamper

You might also consider a baby hamper filled with - baby wipes, nappy cream, bath thermometer, baby panadol, baby nail clippers, a rattle, teething rings, and teething jells, nappy cream etc, etc.

• Baby clothes and accessories

Everything from nappy covers, hats and sock sets to designer baby clothes and adorable baby pyjamas will make a beautiful baby present.
Baby clothes are cute, but quite personal, and it can be difficult size wise. However, you can never have enough singlets & bibs!! So, if you do want to go for clothes as baby gift, get a big size for later on.

Baby Gifts from our list of baby gifts can give you just a guideline, direction; it is up to you and your imagination to find your perfect Baby Shower gift for a baby. Now matter which baby gift you choose, what counts at the end of the day is the attention, keep it in mind.

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