Gifts for Family


When choosing your Gifts for Family you may consider the following:

• Baby books and books for a future mum and dad

A nice selection of classic children’s books is a gift sure to win any mum-to-be's heart. Reading them to her child will strengthen their bond, and the baby will begin to learn to appreciate the beauty of the written word. Be sure to mix some baby-friendly board books in with the traditional hardcover variety — that way newborns will be able to truly appreciate the sound and the taste of your baby gift.

You can also include couple of books for the new parents that will be very useful and help the couple to find any answer they will have while learning how to live around their bundle of joy, consider “What to Expect the First Year”, by A. Eisenber, and you may also include couple of book on breastfeeding and baby massage etc.

• CDs with lullabies

• Out and about bag

If you stop on a nice nappy bag, you may be reassured you will help the happy new parents avoid mishaps with an assembled out-and-about kit. If you are a parent it is virtually impossible to get out of the house without leaving something essential behind. But with a good nappy bag new parents will be prepared for anything. A couple of nappies, box with baby wipes, an extra outfit (or two) for the baby, a bottle of ready-to-feed formula (if she's formula feeding), a couple of small toys, and a dummy; and off they go!

• Dinner for the new parents

After a baby is born and the new parents just brought their beloved child from the hospital, the last thing a new mum and dad wants to do is make a meal. So give new parents what they really want — dinner on someone else. It can be a gift certificate to the café or a restaurant in their neighbourhood, or perhaps a voucher to the catering company services. Or, perhaps, you can organise a group of the mum-to-be's friends to volunteer to make dinner for the new family after the baby's born. Depending on the number of people involved, you can plan to have lovely meals dropped off every few days for the first couple of weeks after the birth of the baby.

• Baby Bouquets

• Baby Nappy Cakes, Cupcakes

• Shopping Vouchers

A gift certificate is always nice so the new mum and her baby can go on their first shopping spree after the baby is born.

• Modelling clay

To create a cute baby handprint or a baby footprint that will stay with the parents even after their bundle of joy will grow up from his baby socks.

• Baby photo albums or a baby photo frames

• Baby memory books

• Baby keepsakes

Gifts for Family can include a sleeping bag, baby clothes, baby bedding, baby furniture for your baby gift, a unique baby shower gift, or something for the future mum-to-be. Now matter which Baby Shower Gift you choose, Baby Castle makes shopping a simple, pleasurable stress-free experience.

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