Baby Shower Checklist

Baby Shower Checklist Baby Shower Checklist

Baby Castle has created a very handy Baby Shower Party Checklist. We’ve put together all necessary and important points to make sure that you have a stress free and enjoyable planning and organizing of your Baby Shower. Just follow the baby shower party checklist stated below and you are guaranteed to enjoy every moment of your baby shower planning and after all - the best baby shower ever.


6 weeks before the Baby Shower Party

  • Decide on your Baby Shower date and time (It is best to have your Baby Shower Party 6 to 8 weeks before your due date)
  • Set your budget
  • Create your guest list
  • Choose and book location (consider possible weather conditions to see if you need an indoor back up plan)

4 weeks before the Baby Shower Party

  • Choose the theme of your Baby Shower Party
  • Register for Baby Shower Gifts
  • Choose and mail the Baby Shower Invitations (include directions and gift registry details (if applicable)
  • Create a list of invitees for RSVP’s
  • Plan your activities and book Baby Shower Entertainment (if desired) (if you have kids coming to your Baby Shower Party you may consider having a kids entertainer to keep them busy and happy during your Baby Shower Party)
  • Order a Baby Shower Cake

3 weeds before the Baby Shower Party

  • Plan your Baby Shower Menu or hire a caterer
  • Order flowers, balloon bouquets (if needed)
  • Order any party rental equipment

2 weeks before Baby Shower Party

  • Purchase Baby Shower Decorations
  • Purchase Baby Shower Prizes and Favors
  • Purchase plates, cups, tableware, utensils, etc...
  • Plan Baby Shower Games to play


1 week before the Baby Shower Party

  • Make calls to confirm details with your entertainer and/or caterer
  • Make calls to confirm details about your Baby Shower Party venue and/or rental equipment
  • Purchase non-perishable food and beverages
  • Make calls to the guests who haven’t RSVP’s and make a final guest list
  • Begin to prepare your house if you are having your Baby Shower at home
  • Organise together tables, chairs, plates, cups, utensils, etc...
  • Wrap Baby Shower prizes and favours
  • Prepare name tags for the table

2 days before the Baby Shower Party

  • Check camera batteries and buy films or check the available space on your memory card
  • Buy groceries
  • Prepare a list of guests to record gifts for thank you cards

1 day before Baby Shower Party

  • Pick up flowers/table centrepieces
  • Pick up a cake
  • Set up tables and chairs
  • Start decorating
  • Prepare street signs (if needed)
  • Prepare food that is possible to refrigerate overnight
  • Purchase drinks/ice
  • Prepare a rough plan of the party day and activities

Baby Shower Party Day

  • Finish decorating and setting up tables
  • Place name tags on the tables
  • Prepare all Baby Shower Party Food and set out food on the tables (if you don’t have a caterer)
  • Check bathrooms for toilet paper, soap and towels
  • Make sure games, prizes and favors are ready
  • Prepare a gift table
  • Prepare a trash bag that you will use while opening the baby shower gifts
  • Organise someone to keep record of the gifts and who they were given by
  • Place party signs leading to your Baby Shower Party
  • RELAX and HAVE FUN!!!


Download a printable Baby Shower Checklist

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