Baby Shower Decorations

Baby Shower Decorations Baby Shower Decorations

Baby Shower Decorations can really make or break the atmosphere at any baby shower.

Party decorations are the heart of your baby shower party. This is what pulls your party together and adds to a sense of festivity.

It's a great way to show off some style and yet it's really easy to decorate your baby shower party.

With the fantastic baby shower decoration ideas from Baby Castle your preparation and organising the theme party will go as easy as a walk in the park.

If you are looking for very cute, fun, easy, simple but elegant baby shower decorations we, at Baby Castle, can advise you to consider the following options:

• One of the cutes baby shower ideas is to use the Book Themes. You may go with books in general or a specific baby book or a book for future mum-to-be- think “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” versus “What To Expect When You’re Expecting”. You can use the books themselves as baby shower decorations, have games based on the baby books, and buy simple coloured baby shower theme napkins and baby shower theme plates to match.

• The other idea for a baby shower decoration is to use Baby Balloons. You can use pink for a little girl, light blue for a baby boy, and yellow or green for the "To Be Determined" baby. Balloon bouquets for your baby shower can make an excellent table centrepiece. You can use a simple traditional foil balloons as well as fun printed baby balloons in different shapes (like a teddy bear or a baby duck) and with fun sayings to fit your baby shower theme. Helium baby shower balloons are great to scatter across the ceiling or tie to the Chair of Honour where the expectant mother will sit.

• One of the cutest baby shower decoration ideas is to string a clothes line across the room and use baby safety pins to hang little baby clothes, baby socks, bibs, baby towels, and more on the line.

• You can buy a small, decorative pine tree and make a "Baby Shower" Christmas tree. Buy light pink, light blue or white Christmas lights. Hang ornaments like pacifiers, little baby socks, booties, bibs, rubber duckies, little rattles, stars, angel figurines, etc. You can decorate the Baby Shower Tree with any baby shower theme you want.

• You could make a Baby Shower Banner out of posterboard or just from butcher paper that says something like:
Hooray to the baby!
Congratulations Anna!
Baby Shower!
Welcome Baby!
Oh Baby!
It's a Boy!
It's a Girl!
• Moreover, with the clothes line, you could take several baby nappies (either disposables or cloth) and use non-toxic paint or permanent marker of any colour (blue, pink, or yellow) to write one big letter on each nappy to spell B-A-B-Y S-H-O-W-E-R. Then pin up the nappies on the baby shower clothes line.

• Even your baby shower themed plates, baby shower themed napkins and baby shower themed cups or baby shower themed tablecloth can become a part of your theme party decorations if they are the same colour as your baby shower theme colours.
At Baby Castle you can find any kind of themed party plates, napkins, and cups. Place them on the serving table to decorate that part of the baby shower room and your baby shower party will have a great success.

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