Christening Clothing

Christening Clothing Christening Clothing

Christening clothing represents a special treasure, a keepsake signifying an important occasion in your child’s life.

When choosing a christening outfit, you'll want to find something that is gorgeous and timeless, just like the christening tradition itself.

Many families may decide to save baby christening dress as it can be passed down, generation after generation, as a family heirloom.

When purchasing a christening outfit, you will keep in mind that it is important to find something not only beautifully looking for your child to wear, but you may also want to consider quality and style, as this is an opportunity for you to start your own family tradition!

There is a huge range of baby christening gowns to look at. So, you should make your decision carefully, and consider the following factors:


  • Are you looking for a traditional or a modern christening outfit?

Perhaps you have in mind dressing your baby in the christening gown that you wore when you were christened? Or, you decide to have a modern baby christening suit? Whenever choice you make don’t forget that the baby christening outfit not only should look beautiful, but the baby should feel comfortable throughout the christening ceremony


  • The choice of fabric for your baby christening dress or christening suit is very important as well. A must is to choose all-natural fibres like silk, fine cotton, organza and gabardine that breathe well and are comfortable to the child.


  • Take into consideration time of the year.

When are you going to have your baby christening, during winter chilly day or a hot sunny day? This might put some slight adjustments to the choice of your baby christening outfit. There is a huge variety of silk short sleeved girls christening dresses or cotton christening gowns for boys, as for winter time just add a baby christening blanket, baby christening hat or bonnet.

  • When considering colour for the child’s christening gown it could be a good idea to stick to white, as it symbolise purity and youth.


  • Baby christening accessories

Choosing accessories to the christening outfit you shouldn’t forget christening shoes with a pair of cute baby socks, christening bonnet or hat, christening bibs will help you to safe your baby christening outfit white and sparkly, christening shawls can be handy as well.

You may also need a nice christening towel and a muslin preservation bag in which you will put your entire baby christening clothing later on.

And one more last advise: whenever baby christening outfit you choose for your baby to wear, wait until the last possible moment to put it on, as it’s hardly will stay spotless for long, and get some pictures taken straight away!

We, at Baby Castle, do hope that our advises will help you to make up your mind while choosing the perfect baby christening outfit and this memorable day in your and your babies live will be beautiful and unforgettable.


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