Junior MasterChef is coming to town

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Who said the mouth watering food should be offered only for grown-ups? Kids deserve to eat not only mushy purees and humbled pizzas and chicken nuggets and Vegemite sandwiches.

Thanks to the success of the most popular reality series MasterChef Australia the junior version Junior MasterChef will be filmed later this year by Shine Australia and you and your family will be able to enjoy the series when it’s on TV later in the year.

Network Ten and Shine Australia have just finished the casting process for their upcoming reality series.

Over 5,000 children aged between 8 and 12 years old from all over Australia applied to compete in the ultimate cooking contest to crown Australia’s first Junior MasterChef. Only 50 of Australia’s most talented young amateurs were selected to take part in the series.

All the young contestants are supposed to be very enthusiastic about cooking and spending time in the kitchen, have cooked some things on their own or with the help of their parents or guardians.

What is more, young contestants should not be shy in front of the cameras!

Little chefs must also have couple of their own favourite dishes that they can cook for the judges.

Speaking of which, for this series, due to the young nature of the contestants, the three main judges, award-winning and respected chefs and restaurateurs Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris, and one of the world’s most acclaimed food critics Matt Preston, will be joined by one of Australia's most popular female cooks, Anna Gare. Anna Gare is described as a warm, engaging person, a mother of four kids, an experienced cook and a television host of a cooking series “The Best of Australia” and more recently Quickies in My Kitchen on LifeStyle Food Channel.

The MasterChef series been described as a television phenomenon, mostly influencing millions of Australian families to start cooking and trying to do something more then a potato mash and lamb roast with pees for dinner.

What is more, even such a hot topic as the coming elections, was put under presser from the show. The leader’s debate, which is traditionally held on the first Sunday after the writs are issued, was shifted from its 7.30 slot. The prime time was given to the finale of the hit show MasterChef. The leaders’ debate will be on air from 6.30 p.m.

So, gather together, old and young, in front of TV and enjoy the fist of delicious kids deserts, mouth-watering mains, and of course a mix of tears of joy and victory. Don’t forget to have a notepad at hand to write easy party recipes that you can use for your kids birthday party or just use it while cooking a homemade kids novelty birthday cake or a gorgeous kids cupcakes for a sleep-over party. The upcoming series will have it all, stay tuned!


Date: 17/07/2010


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