Raggs Live Dance Party

Raggs Live Dance Party
Raggs Live Dance Party

School Holidays are coming and it is time for kids to spend their free time and fill it with lots of interesting and exciting things and activities. Raggs Live Dance Party is just the right show to see and have as much fun as possible.

Everyone know the Raggs TV-series and now Raggs Live Dance Party is coming to entertain kids during school holidays.

Please, welcome:

Raggs, the leader of the band, a qurious enthusiastic and very optimistic puppy. He is just a bundle of energy, he loves playing guitar and singing;

Trilby, a smart, confident and active puppy. She is fashionable and sporty at the same time. She plays bass and loves dancing moves.

Pido, a great surfer. He loves to chill out at the beach and cooking. He plays drums in the band.

B.Max is an inventor and problem solver. He is always ready to fix, rebuild or repair anything that is broken. His inventions are definitely always fun and very special.

Razzles, the most organised and logical puppy. She is the best in making lists of every kind of activity.

They all are coming with their new show to Australia!

The dogs, Raggs, Trilby, Pido, B.Max and Razzles are having a Dance Party! This time each of them is doing a special different dance. After that they will pick the best dance for the party. And this is when B.Max is coming with a special invention that is supposed to help them judge. The best thing about this is that everyone coming to the show will be involved and dance with the dogs and have great fun.

The show will be run from August 23 till September 19, 2010 in the following locations and times:

23.08.2010  Tamworth - Tamworth Town Hall - 11am, 1pm
24.08.2010  Macksville - Ex Services - 11am
25.08.2010  Coffs Harbour - Club Coffs - 10am
26.08.2010  Armidale - Armidale Town Hall - 11am, 1pm
28.08.2010  Quirindi - Quirindi RSL - 9.30am, 11.30am
31.08.2010  Kempsey - Kempsey Macleay RS - 11am, 1pm
01.09.2010  Port Macquarie - P.M Panthers - 11am, 1pm
03.09.2010  Newcastle - Panthers Newcastle - 11am, 1pm
04.09.2010  Port Stephens - Soldiers Point Bolwing - 11am, 1pm
06.09.2010  Central Coast - Central Coast Leagues - 11am, 1pm
08.09.2010  St Mary’s - St Mary's Leagues - 11:30am
10.09.2010  Katoomba - Katoomba RSL - 11am, 1pm
11.09.2010  Young  - Young Services Club - 11am, 1pm
12.09.2010  Goulburn - Goulburn Soldiers - 11am, 1pm
13.09.2010  Wagga Wagga - Wagga Civic Theatre - 10am, 1pm
14.09.2010  Bathurst - Bathurst Panthers - 11am
15.09.2010  Canberra - Hellenic Club  - 10am, 1pm
16.09.2010  Griffith - Griffith Ex Services - 10am, 1pm
19.09.2010  Revesby - Revesby Heights - 3pm
21.09.2010  Bossley  - Park Club Marconi  - 10am

The ticket price is just $18! (Exc. booking fee) Children under 12 months FREE!

Date: 10/09/2010

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