Splash Festival

Splash Festival at Olympic Park
Splash Festival at Olympic Park

Are you looking for something interesting and fun for your whole family during this school holiday? Look no further Olympic Park Aquatic Centre offers you the Ultimate Family Fun day during its Splash Festival.

On Sunday 10 October, 10.00am-5.00pm, splash festival will open its doors at Sydney Olympic Park.
On this fun filled day your kids can join Dora, Diego, Spongebob and Lah Lah band in all the fun!

If your child loves water activities or just simply what's to have fun with his friends, or perhaps you decided to have a themed birthday party at the pool, the Olympic park is the place to be. With it's Fun Interactive Indoor Playground, gigantic bucket that fills with water and splashes into the pool below,  slip and slide on the water slides and many other water activities no wander that it is so popular among Sydneysiders.

So, harry up, pre-purchase your tickets for the splash festival before 1 October and receive a free splash festival show bag.

The program of the splash festival is going to be very busy and filled with interesting staff for kids.

Outdoor Program
10.15am Lah-Lah Music Band
10.15am Juggling/Tightrope Workshop
11.00am Dora's Sing Along Adventures
11.30am Stories from Bikini Bottom
12.05pm Go Diego Go! The Iguana Sing Along
12.30pm Juggling/Tightrope Workshop
12.40pm Slime Time Live with Angelica
1.15pm Lah-Lah Music Band
2.00pm Dora's Sing Along Adventures
2.30pm Stories from Bikini Bottom
3.05pm Go Diego Go! The Iguana Sing Along
3.35pm Slime Time Live with Angelica
3.30pm Juggling/Tightrope Workshop

Indoor Program
10.00am Kids Try A Scuba Dive
10.15am Diego Meet & Greet
10.30am Spongebob & Patrick Meet & Greet
11.00am Kids Try A Scuba Dive
11.30am Dora Meet & Greet
12.00pm Kids Try A Scuba Dive
12.30pm Spongebob & Patrick Meet & Greet
12.30pm Dora Meet & Greet
1.00pm Kids Try A Scuba Dive
1.30pm Diego Meet & Greet
2.00pm Kids Try A Scuba Dive
2.30pm Diego Meet & Greet
3.00pm Kids Try A Scuba Dive
3.30pm Dora Meet & Greet
4.00pm Kids Try A Scuba Dive
5.00pm Kids Try A Scuba Dive

Throughout the Day
10.00am - 5.00pm
Face Painting
Scouts Activities
Archery - Aim for Fun
Kids Craft Zone
Splasher's Swirl Amusement Ride
Outdoor Inflatables
Market Stalls
The Bubble Dome
Splasher's Water Playground
Indoor Pool Inflatables
To participate you must successfully complete a 25metre swim test
10.00am - 3.00pm Animal Farm
Pony Rides

There going to be plenty of giveaways throughout the day. What is more, there will be free parking for up to 4 hours and
children under 3 years and under are free with the fool paying Splash Festival adult.


Date: 28/09/2010

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