Baby Shower Food Planning

Baby Shower Food Planning Baby Shower Food Planning

While planning your baby shower food you should take into consideration couple of important things.

To start your party food planning you should consider the number of party guests you are expecting to come to your baby shower party.

For a small group of 10 and less party guest you might consider creating full party food menu, starting with gourmet finger food, the main course and couple of party desserts, and of course baby shower theme cake.

The next thing you should take into consideration is the time of the day when you are planning your baby shower party. A lovely morning tea party rather than a lunch will be more appropriate if the party is in the morning.

The other very important thing that might influence the choice of your baby shower party food menu is the type of people you are expecting to come to your baby shower celebration. I would not be a very wise idea to serve meat and paltry to vegetarians and vegans.

Your party food menu should also be adjusted if you have some serious BBQ lovers of those who can eat fish cooked any possible way!

Next question you should have in mind is the time for your party food ideas to be realised you will have. To make your live easier and the party food preparation as quick as possible you may decide to stick to some healthy party finger food, or to choose party recipes that are not very time consuming.

The last but not list advice is - ask for help! No matter how many guests you expect to come to your baby shower assign some of your friends to prepare and bring some of their favourite party food dishes.

Asking some family member to help you to serve the party food during the party will be also an excellent idea. You as a party host will have some much other things to do during the party itself, so you should not be exhausted after all this cooking and later serving your party masterpieces. So, delegate, delegate, delegate!

With all these in mind, and with the support, advise and excellent party food recipes from Baby Castle, we sure all your gourmet finger food, healthy party mains and party desserts will be great success.

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