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So you decided to organise a spooky Halloween party for your kids, ok, we at Baby Castle will guide you from sending out devilishly simple Kids Halloween Party Invitations, setting the mood for the Kids Party with Halloween Party Decorations, making a list of Halloween Party Games and Activities and, of course, the last but not least, we will help you prepare Halloween Party Food and Refreshments.

Our first advice will be keeping everything devilishly simple. Make the celebration short — the same length you would for a kid’s birthday party (about an hour and a half for tots under 6, about two hours for those between 7 and 12). This allows enough time for a Kids Halloween Costume Parade, a few Halloween party Games and some Halloween party nibbles.

Kids Halloween Party Invitations are the best way to get your Halloween Party Guests excited about your Kids Halloween Party.
If your Kids Party has a theme, you may want to make a Halloween Party Invitation that goes with it. For example if you want all your Kids Party Guests to dress up as some kind of famous monster you are planning on being Dracula, your Halloween Party Invitation could be in the shape of a Haunted House and the language of the invitation would be as if Dracula were speaking.

Kids Party Games and Activities are the key to a fun Kids Halloween Party.
You might consider playing Feed the Monster Party Game, when your Halloween party Guests try to toss bean bags into the monster’s mouth. Or, perhaps, you will play a Mummy Wrapping Game. You little monsters turn a guest into a mummy!

While transforming your home or other location into a haunted house keep in mind the gage of the littlest party guests. Don’t make your Halloween Decorations too scary. Creating a spooky atmosphere hang orange and black balloons in clusters in corners with black ribbons attached. Hang spider webs up in ceilings and corners and place big hairy spiders in some of the cobwebs. Then cover tables with black plastic table cloth and decorate with a pumpkin cut-outs and pumpkin garlands. You can also hang glow-in-the-dark skeletons from the ceiling and walls. Put Halloween lights around your front door and use a fog machine to welcome your Halloween Party Guests. Spooky!!!

If you're hosting a Children's Halloween Party, you'll want to provide an assortment of easy, creative, inexpensive and icky Halloween Party Treats for the kids with little baking or hassle.

Here is some fun, easy, cheap ways to create plenty of Kids Halloween Party Goodies for young trick-or-treaters at your Kids Halloween party.

• You can prepare for your Kids Party Guests Creepy Mummy Dogs. These Mummy Dogs are not only cute and tasty, they are super easy to make. They use readymade puff pastry that you will cut in strips and making mummy wrappings all around you hot dogs. This will be one of the kids' favourite Halloween Treat Recipes, without a doubt. Serve them on a cute Halloween Themed tray with ketchup "blood" dipping sauce and green food-colored mustard "bile" dipping sauce. Without doubt you and listen to the oohs and ahs of appreciation.

• Serve some chips and dips in black disposable plates and bowls at your Kids Halloween Party. Make Cookie Spiders using basic supermarket cookies covering them with some icing and painting some creepy spiders on top, and place them on the table.

• Place chips and dips like salsa and guacamole in bowls on the food table. Prop small plastic spiders and rats up on the bowls.

• Make some Worms in Dirt. For this Halloween Recipe you'll need clear plastic cups, orange or green jelly, gummy worms and crumbled Oreo cookies. You can refrigerate the jelly right in the cups- place a gummy worm in the bottom of the cup before refrigerating. When the jelly sets, place a layer of crumbled cookies on the top and place a few gummy worms 'crawling' out of the 'dirt.' Kids love this easy Halloween Party Treat!

• For some refreshments make a freaky fruit punch bowl with some juice and a frozen hand floating in it. To make a frozen hand just fill plastic glove with water and freeze it, you can add some colouring before freezing your hand. Remove plastic glove and you got a creepy ice hand.

• Or perhaps you can serve your Kids Party Guests some Mud Shakes.
Chocolate milkshake mixed with ice cream and crushed chocolate flakes.

And of course at the end of your spooky feast comes the sweet treat – Scrumptious Skeletons Cupcakes.
Bake some basic chocolate cupcakes and decorate them with chocolate frosting, top each with a mini marshmallow head, using black decorators’ gel create eyes and a mouth. Use an icing bag fitted with a small round tip to pipe on a stick figure, adding a couple of short horizontal lines for ribs. Here you are with some patience will surprise your little Halloween party Guests with scary but yummy Skeleton Cupcakes!

With all these Kids Halloween Party Advise and Healthy Party Food Ideas we are sure your spooky Kids Halloween party will have a great success!

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