Boys Themed Party Food

Boys Themed Party Food Boys Themed Party Food

Pirate Themed Birthday Party

Everybody knows that boys aged five through ten years old just love pirate themed parties!

With pirate party invitations, pirate birthday parties decorations and of course pirate party recipes be reassured that all your pirate themed party guests will have a feeling like they are at sea!

Whether you are planning to have your pirate themed party at your own home inside or outside in the backyard, or perhaps at another location – at a swimming pool or at a local park, you will definitely need to incorporate pirate theme into your party decorations. In addition to the party decorations basics like pirate themed plates and cups, party tablecloths with pirate motives on, etc., you might want to consider adding some extras for your pirate party: old storage chests, that can be used for treasure hunt game, a pirate themed movie, some sand for using outside, you should defiantly buy some novelty eye patches and pirates hats. And of course, the pirate party menu for your little pirates is very important for the mood of the themed birthday party.

For the pirate themed party food you could consider making some small white cookies, ice them with yellow and pipe a dollar sign onto them for coin cookies, or you could just go for pirate sandwiches (make a sandwich and cut it out with the cookie cuter to look like a ship, a pirate, parrot etc.).

Your little pirates will also like golden chicken nuggets that you can serve as pirate gold.

You can also make some Pirate Ships as a healthy party food option: cutting pieces of celery and filling them with cream cheese, threading toothpicks through small piece of paper sails and inserting into the celery sticks and don’t forget to put some “pirates”, raisins will do the trick.

Another yummy idea for your pirate party menu is Pirate Sea Boats: hot dogs can be served in brown boats with the wording happy birthday Captain, here goes the name of the birthday boy, written on the side with pirate sails on skewers stuck in the hotdog.

You may also make an assortment of Pirate Sandwiches with pirate flags on toothpicks; goldfish crackers with cream cheese coloured blue with food colouring.

Don’t forget about Pirate Punch, just mixing some orange juice, club soda, cranberry juice, and adding some orange and lemon slices that has been frozen in advance. We are sure you little pirates will enjoy this pirate drink!

Add some healthy party snacks into your pirate party menu that will be enjoyed by your buccaneer guests; you may put some plates with dried fruit like sultanas, dried apricots, figs, as well as a platter with fresh fruit cuts.

As any other kids party, the pirate themed party must have the kids novelty birthday cake. With your pirate party theme you may consider creating a Pirate Ship Shaped Cake or a Treasure Chest Shaped Birthday Cake.

After enjoying your pirate party food and drinks, after all your themed party games, with party bags filled with pirate party favors, your pirate themed party guests will go home with the best party memories ever!

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