Christmas Sales 2022

Hello Beautiful People!

Baby Castle Christmas Sales is on now! Discover a range of Christmas ideas here! 

For small babies, they would like to enjoy the story time with Baby Learning Soft Books (Set of 4), which can improve their language skills by copying sounds, recognizing pictures, and learning words.

For those learning to walk, Baby Head Protection Pillow is a must-have, while exploring the world. 

For girls that enjoy a quieter session, they would love the company of the Unicorn Plush companion toy in the Kids Oriental Play Tent 

For the more active kids, they would love to enjoy the Wooden train track set, that is beautifully crafted with a 100 pieces to create their dream train track.

For Kids that are interested in plans and die-cast cars. Super Airport Playset would be a very good present for them. 

For those love to perform a magic show during Christmas time, Mideer My First Magic Show - 6 Tricks is a wonderful kit that they would love.

present for them. 

Furthermore, in order to celebrate this great season of the year, we will also be giving away a FREE “Cotton Bib” for orders above $88. First in first served!

Please feel free to contact us for any questions and we will endeavor to answer them at our best abilities.

Baby Castle Team wishes you a Merry Christmas 2022!


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