About us

About us

Hello. Welcome to Baby Castle Australia. So glad you’re here.

We are a small business based in Sydney Australia, founded in 2020. 

As we progress in life, we see our best friends and relatives getting married and starting families. Also being parents ourselves, we noticed the choices on baby products in Australia are very limited. It was hard for us to find an online store that can provide quality products with fast local shipping. We told ourselves that if we can't find it, how about we create it ourselves?

We have made it our mission to curate affordable, practical and well made products for Australian families, in this way we can offer more choices for parents and children. Furthermore, we put our customers first and regularly keep in touch with market trends to source popular products. 

To make this a reality, we started to invest our time planning and brainstorming on our business ideas, searching and dealing with plenty of suppliers, trialing their products, listening to market feedbacks and weeks of building our website from scratch. It has been a journey of emotions for us to get to where we are today, and we are determined to see Baby Castle flourish.

Life is an ever learning journey and we are excited to see what will unfold in the future. We promise we will do our very best to prepare and equip ourselves to take on the many challenges ahead.  

Thank you for all your support and follow us on Facebook & Instagram for latest updates!

Baby Castle Team

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