Introduction to Feeding for Babies

Introduction to Feeding for Babies

Learning how to eat is one of the most important stages in growing. It is always a good idea to serve food on a plate and avoid serving directly from the packaging. This promotes a good table manner and minimise the chance of having the food being contaminated from germs.

During the early days, boiled & mashed vegetables are often introduced as the first food for babies. It is also recommended to introduce different varieties of vegetables to your baby, and if they dislike a particular vegetable, there is no harm in reintroducing in a couple of days. Patience is the key. The aim is to expose as much varieties as possible to open up their taste buds to all kinds of flavors.


Serve food in section

When introducing different kind of food, it is ideal to use a plate that offers different sections to divide the food. This improves the process of eating and distinguishing different kind of taste.

Our Stay Put Section Plate offers such function, and suction cups to keep the plate on the table to minimise mess during the whole eating process. It is a very popular item as it is practical, offer extra rim to keep food in the plate, and the strong suction from its suction cups. This section plate also comes with a matching spoon.


Our Stay Put Bowl is also a good feeding tool to enjoy. It’s unique design can minimise mess during feeding your child. Strong suction allows the baby feeding bowl to stand upright on the table, and not easy for your baby to flip over which prevents mess. Good for serving some soup or pudding or ice cream.

Features to always think about

There are plenty of bowls and plates available in the market. It is subjective to what material you choose for your baby. At the end of the day, there are a few key considerations before you make the decision:

  • Is it easy to wash?
  • What material do they use?
  • How spill proof is the plate or bowl?
  • How travel friendly is it?

We hope that these question would help you to make the whole feeding process for you and your baby easier, less messy, in return an enjoyable meal time for you both.


Baby Castle Team

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