Tummy time with your baby

Parents speak about tummy time all the time, so what is Tummy time?

'Tummy time' means letting your baby spend time on their stomach and you are there playing and spending quality time with them. This helps them learn to crawl, coordinate their hands & feet, and slowly walk.

What is so important about tummy time?

Babies spend a lot of time lying on their back. Tummy time is the opportunity for them to search for different position that they feel comfortable and also prevent the chance of getting a flat spot on their head from lying on their back most of the time.

Changing their position allow their head, neck and upper body to grow & build strength. Eventually they will learn all the new movements and improve their overall strength to grow healthily.

It is recommended that you integrate the tummy time into the daily routine, and there is no set rule on when you should start tummy time.  At the beginning, you may choose to do short tummy time (2 - 3 mins) multiple times a day, then gradually into a longer period of time. You can also start tummy time by having the baby on your lap so you can provide the support they may need.

In Baby Castle, we have a few products available to make tummy time more enjoyable.

  • Multi-Use Pillow Set

    This Pillow Set is made for snuggles and cuddles and there are more ways to lay. They can be used individually or together to enjoy the lovely interactions between you two! Either pillow can be used for nursing, or you can stack the two together for extra support. When used by itself, the smaller C-shaped pillow makes the perfect tummy time prop pillow. And there’s tummy time for you too – meet your baby at eye level with your own comfy support.

    As your baby gets bigger, the larger pillow creates a playtime seat! The larger C-shaped pillow carries detachable baby activity toys that you and baby can shake, rattle and squish together. Both pillows have toy link loops, so you can add your own favourite friends to lay and playtime. 



    • Prop-A-Pillar Time & Seated Support

    Prop-A-Pillar Cuddling caterpillar pillow, this cuddling caterpillar can be used as a playful tummy time prop or stacked up as a hugging positioner for beginning sitters.

    Pack with features, this pillow comes with 2 detachable toys. "C" shaped positioner for seating support for your baby. This cushion provides a safe and fun environment for them to enjoy tummy time and helps them to develop head and neck muscles along the way.



    • Baby Rhythm of the Reef Prop Pillow

    Baby Rhythm of the Reef Prop Pillow, this soft pillow turns tummy time into activity time with engaging toys that will captivate your baby.

    Stimulate all their senses by feeling the textures of crinkle leaves; playing with the toy zebra for sounds and teeth on the leaf-shaped toy.

    With so many baby activity toys attached to this comfortable prop pillow, you can extend important tummy time to encourage head and neck muscle development for your baby.



    •  Elevate Adjustable Nursing Pillow

    This innovative customizable nursing pillow helps you maintain the ideal position for your baby. You can adjust the unique, layered petals to create the perfect angle for small new-borns, growing infants, and older babies. With three different heights, you can lift your little one into the proper position to create a comfortable latch and reduce the strain on your neck, back and arms.

    • Baby Sleep Positioner with Toy bar

    Baby Sleep Positioner with Toy bar, is the perfect companion to your baby cot and pram. You can also take the bed with you anywhere you go, so you can have peace of mind knowing your kid is sleeping in a safe place. It helps your little one sleeps better through the day and night and making the most out of their bedtime. This Sleep Positioner is an essential tool for every new-born to facilitate their development and grow healthily in a safe place. As seen online, plenty of parents are recommending this to their friends and audiences.

    The surrounding cushions were designed to recreate the support from a mother's womb. Giving the baby an enjoyable sleep & a sense of safety. Furthermore, the shape of the cushions encourages the baby to sleep on their backs.

    • Multi-functional Travel Bed for Babies

    Baby Travel Bed, a multi-functional portable baby bed.

    Babies enjoy the comfort with this Infant Travel Bed for on-the-go napping and diaper changes. The bed's front panel folds down for easy and convenient diaper changes, while the breathable mesh side panels promote airflow.

    Furthermore, it comes with a music box that can play baby tunes and white noises to create a comfortable place to be in. A great accessory to bring to travel. It is suitable for different stages from newborn to 12 months old. It is truly the perfect baby gift for your family and friends.



    We hope you and your baby have a great quality tummy time and always remember to keep an eye on your baby to help them stay away from hazards. Enjoy!



    Baby Castle Team

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