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Animal Cartoon Car Seat Mirror

Animal Cartoon Car Seat Mirror

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Having a good view of your baby during the time on road trips!

We have all experienced it, having the child seat installed and the baby is facing an opposite direction to us in the front of the car, it's difficult to have a glance at their behaviour or communicate with them during the time in our car. 

Well, here in Baby Castle, we present to you a solution: The Animal Cartoon Car Seat Mirror. Simply install on the rear seat headrest and secure fit it with its velcro straps and clips. This reflects the view into your car's rear-view mirror. A simple but truly clever design. 

The mirror features a shatterproof acrylic glass. Having safety as 1st priority, this component will not shatter or break, in cases that it falls or came loose. Parents don't have to worry about breaking the mirror and this eliminates the potential hazard of dealing with sharp objects inside the vehicle. 

The clips of the mirror allow you to install the mirror in other areas and customize it to your needs. The mirror itself is also decorated with different kinds of animals to suit you and your baby's personal preference. 

Recommend age: 0 - 3 years old

Size: 28 cm x 21 cm




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