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Baby Drinking Cup (240ml)

Baby Drinking Cup (240ml)

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Baby Drinking Cup (240ml)

Learning how to drink! It's about fun! 

Growing up is about being independent. How exciting would it be for your baby to take their first step of drinking by themselves? No fear of spilling! 

We present to you, Baby drinking cup by REER. This is the larger version, 240ml, fit more water or juices that your baby loves.

This is the second generation drinking bottle, with improved leak proof design, and added air return valve for better drinking experience.

The bottle itself is manufactured with super high scratch resistant material that is shatterproof. Extra durable for a long lasting service life.

 Here are the features of the drinking cup:

  •  Anti-Spill Soft Silicone Spout;
  • Newly refined leak-proof design;
  • Built-in ergonomic air return valve for smooth drinking;
  • High-quality glass texture, which is more translucent than crystal, light transmittance> 90%.;
  • High scratch-resistant design, tough & durable material for long-lasting service life;
  • FDA certified;
  • Flexible silicone and soft straw design.





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